Android Default Applied Uninstall Tricks – Android Default Applied Uninstall Tricks. Utilizing android for work every day has become a common thing that people do these days. because, there are several applications that are ready in the Playstore to support our daily work such as office, digital books, and pdf viewer and many more.

However, sometimes we can’t install many applications because the internal memory has gotten narrower because there have been many applications installed on our Android. Do you know, there are several applications that are not very useful installed on our gadgets. Most of the applications are like the default Android application. The app is already there when you turn on the mobile phone for the first time.

Android Default Applied Uninstall Tricks

Since there are some built-in applications which are not very useful for our work, they make our internal storage more congested. Therefore, this opportunity we will discuss the tricks of removing the default Android app lightly.

Android Default Applied Uninstall Tricks
Android Default Applied Uninstall Tricks


Create the first trick that you must try with manual steps. The following steps you can do via your cell phone settings. The first thing that you must do is enter the settings, then apply. After that you can enter into applied news. From there you will see all the apps installed on your mobile phone. All you have to do is find the default app you want to delete.

After you meet, you can open detailed news from the app. Later you will get a delete or uninstall button. If you don’t get the button you can press the disable button. because of that the app will come back again vs inactive and factory. The tricks above will not be the same in every gadget in a matter of steps. However, in principle it will be the same during the pengenrjanya process.

Leveraging Applied

And make tricks after that you can take advantage of the application. One of the recommended applications for removing this app is CC Cleaner Pro. Of course, if you want a pro application, you have to download the apk. That means you have to search for it via Google and not through Playstore. By using this app, you can remove several kinds of apps that are available on your cell phone.

That is the article that contains information related to the Default Android Application Uninstall Tricks, hopefully it can help those of you who are in need.