How to Use Capcut to Make a Video – How to Use Capcut to Make a Video.  with the popularity of several social media for various videos now, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram. Make us have to be more innovative in making something video. However, some of us have a hurdle when making videos when using a PC or netbook. The different kinds of obstacles that are challenged by people.

But, now you don’t need to be confused. Because in order to be able to update a good video, not only can it be via the desktop. By using a mobile phone you can also import videos that are of very good quality today. You can use the shortcut application so you can make videos via cell phone easily.

How to Use Capcut to Make a Video

So that you can use this application is actually very easy. The technique is almost close to being applied to another video mobile phone. You can work on various creations using this app. For example, cut videos, insert music, insert pictures, also insert other videos into a video again. Because this app is made for a mobile phone. So you won’t find complete specs as a desktop app. But, by using this capcut application, you can be given a spaciousness in its use.

How to Use Capcut to Make a Video
How to Use Capcut to Make a Video

And one of the specs that many people like in using this app is the most interesting and many video exchange option. The following technique uses the swap specs from the Capcut app to correct this video.

How to insert a transition video

For the following questions, you won’t be sad when using this app. because you can find a multitude of options to exchange each piece of your video. And the technique of using it is too easy. Below are some important steps you need to take to use the exchange on this app.

  1. The first thing you need to do is open the shortcut application
  2. After that, you can point to the photo or video that you want to make into a video. Choose as many photos as possible and have one object so that the results are even better.
  3. And so on, you can make all the photos that you suggest have a size similar to the background.
  4. Onwards, you can enter some music. The same music suggestions as the video object you want to create.
  5. Then, you can specify the exchange of each video or photo by clicking the existing photo, then pressing the animation button. You can designate many of the existing swap styles.
  6. Or you can liken the swaps to the musical beats you suggested earlier.

How simple isn’t it. You can be more creative in something that we have provided before. So many articles that contain information How to Use Capcut to Make a Video, hopefully it can help those of you who are in need.